Marketing is an Extension of You and Your Band

JOHN O.REILLY It’s everything you and your band already are, but brighter, louder, faster, stronger, and in everyone’s face! Music marketing was Judas Priest wearing leather and riding around on motorcycles. Music marketing is Diddy flying around in a private jet and drinking his branded vodka. Music marketing is you living your music by doing whatever you do.  For a band like my Nephew’s, it may be driving across the country in a van with 7 or 8 band mates  in the back.  For  rappers, it may be about their fashion or the neighborhood where they grew-up or now  live. Music marketing is coming up with a complete package that sells music, gets people to shows,(if so inclined) and makes your band money….Understand? Like anything, there is “A lot more to this.”  Helping you figure that out is where I,or someone like me comes in.  For now, I just want you to understand that, although you may feel like you hate music marketing,or God forbid “ branding yourself “, you’re already doing it…like it or not…Get over it. Please leave a comment in the box below, let me know what you think. viagra