How I sell without being spammy or salesy, Part.1

John O.Reilly I recently received an email from someone who has been following me and my advice for several years now. And he wrote this “it seems that to be successful, I’ll have to be over the top salesy, high pressure and throw a spam fest at people in order to make any money at this. This is just not me!” So how do I stay real, build an audience with my message and stay true to myself?… Fair question! So I’d like to draw a real distinction here, the distinction between being over-the-top salesy and spammy as you pointed out. And being really passionate about what it is that you have, and that you know it has true value to your tribe. You need to realize that It’s you that has to motivate people and inspire them to take action. Not long ago I’d gone from being a more “behind the scenes” consulting kind of guy, to being more out-front with the publishing of my first book. Having the kind of success that it has achieved. This has caused me from having being more laid-back, to being more aggressive in my approach to doing business online. You see I know that what I’ve done, what I’ve created has value. It helps people and will continue to help people, by inspiring them to take action. I know it’s good because it helps people build businesses, and with patience become profitable.  

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